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My Spring Coat

Hello beautifuls! Spring has arrived! Temperature is rising, trees are blooming and birds are singing! But – it’s still not summer, so you still need a coat!


To be honest, I had to really make up my mind getting this jacket – it is $80 from H&M. You may know already that I love H&M, their stuff matched correctly look amazing, but I was still hesitant with the price. HOWEVER – after I started wearing it – I grew to love it more and more! I can’t express why exactly I like it, because logically 1. It doesn’t accentuate my figure, 2. The color gets dirty easily and 3. It’s really not that warm x)

But hey, a girl doesn’t always need a reason to buy something – as long as she FEELS fabulous.


Maybe I liked it BECAUSE it’s different, plus I’ve always had an obsession over pockets, pockets, more pockets!


You must’ve already noticed the hat trend going around, specifically with suede material. Can’t say it’s a random trend, they’ve always looked so stylish & fashionable! This one is from Aldo!


I was going for a casual look, so inside I wore a casual cotton Tee “Celfiee!” 🙂 Under the Tee I layered a tank dress, since  1. I was wearing stockings (thick & knitted) and needed something long and 2. the Tee was thin! Definitely don’t want to catch a cold just when it gets warmer!


The outfit was pretty much black & white, so I softened it up with a pink strap purse from Juicy Couture. It has dangly brown crystals! Ain’t it cute?

The Michael Kors watch is a gift from a friend! The face is rose gold, and it’s got a long strap to wrap around the wrist twice, and it has studs embedded all over – hence it doesn’t scream girly and thought it went super well with the outfit.

The shoes are from Blondo! This is the first pair of shoes I have from them, it was from my dad for my birthday. I love the style and leopard print at the back (it’s actually furry!), however this was purchased online, so it actually fits a bit loose. Shoes are the most tricky to buy online!

6 7 8

Just checking out the scenery 🙂


So this is what I look like with short hair! Haha


Love, Val ❤



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