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Pop of Color

The weather in Toronto is gorgeous this weekend! I’m switching my wardrobe to the summer set already! Here’s a little grey dress, one of my favorites to go with the beautiful weather 🙂


I actually got this dress from online (i believe it was YesStyle), for no more than $25 – I was drawn to how flirty this little dress looked, and decided to give it a try, and I can honestly say this is one of my best purchases!

It is extremely fitting and comfortable to wear, and the material is not the least bit flimsy. It IS a tad short, so I actually wore safety shorts under :-).

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The outfit was neutral toned, so I wanted to add a pop of color to welcome summer on its way – my red platforms. I do think the shoes would have looked better with a black dress instead of grey, but dark grey and red work fine together as well, now you know :-).


Not only was my dress grey, my accessories are also bordering grey/silver.


The bag is from Kate Spade – isn’t it such a modest yet elegant color?


One of my favorite necklace in possession right now, I’ve always been into the long chain & pendant trend, but this one blew me away with its unique design!


The bracelet is a Swarovski Slake, I was obsessed over this trend when they first came out. I still think they are beautiful, and these shots don’t do it justice at all! It is blindingly sparkly under light, super fab!

And of course – Swarovski’s design was meant for it to be multi-purposed, it can be worn as a doubled up bracelet, and also as a necklace. If you have more than one, they can be connected through the buttons, and voila, you have a new belt! 🙂


Here’s a couple more shots!

Hope you liked the look! Let me know what you think!



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