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Men’s Section?

We’ve all seen cross dressing among children, little boys dressed up in tutu dresses and little girls in tom boy caps. But just because we grow older doesn’t necessarily mean we must grow out of it 🙂

There are certainly things I appreciate about men’s fashion, such as its simplicity, masculinity and definition. This is especially the case when I am going for a “tough girl” or “street” look. For example, if you are looking for a motor jacket, you need to try the men’s section, there are just more styles there! And since they are meant to be a little baggy, a size small for men would be perfect for girls with a small/medium fit.


Here I have a Tee from H&M men’s section (can you tell?), for $20. I’ve been loving this long Tee trend in men’s fashion, and I decided to personally embrace it as well, because a long Tee for men means it’s a casual & street chic T-shirt dress for me 🙂

When I saw this Tee, I pretty much loved the design right away and could picture the fit on me. This is a size small for men, so for me who typically wear a size XS/S for tops, it was long enough to be a dress.

I matched it with my white sneakers from Zooshoo, and I can honestly say that there isn’t a better choice than this in my shoe closet. It just really up-play the sport-chic look I am going for. I also love that it has an 1 inch platform, which gave me a boost in height 🙂

Here I rolled up the shirt just so I could show you what it would look like with shorts! Not bad, right?


The color theme of the outfit is black & white (Which I love), but I decided to add a touch of femininity – my pink MK purse, to showcase the wonderful blend of women & men’s fashion together.

I stayed minimal with my accessories, a black watch on left hand, and some think black bangles on the right.

Hope you enjoyed this post, along with the idea of embracing men’s clothing! Thanks for reading 🙂



  1. simplylouisehouse says

    Loved this post! Couldn’t of agreed with you more.
    I am forever buying from the men’s section – leather/ denim jackets, plaid shirts, basic tees are all better in men’s sizing 🙂


  2. alluremeandrea says

    What a great idea! I will most definitely be stealing my boyfriends next extra long tee! 🙊


  3. I’m always nervous when I’m blogging about men’s clothing but you did a perfect job! I like the different approaches you took to change it up a bit (rolling up sleeves), it definitely helped. Great post! 🙂


  4. this is adorable! love incorporating menswear into a feminine look, and the pop of color really adds interest.


  5. teen fashion queen grace says

    I love the long tee! Although i have never cross dressed even as a little kid, I might have to try it now.


  6. Love the idea of the long t-shirt as a t-shirt dress! I’m short, so it would go ok on me, but it might be a bit tricky for taller girls to get a t-shirt long enough. Never thought of this mens section idea, how creative! Really liked that you added the pop of pink with the MK bag. You’d never think you got this in the mens section it’s super cute! ❤


  7. Hey love! So I think your blog is just fabulous – Anywho, I actually nominated you for the Fashionista Award! Theres more information at “”. Happy Tuesday!



  8. Men’s section? I vote yes! I work at H&M myself and I see tons of ladies shop in mens department. Sometimes the detailing is so awesome, or the graphic is really cool, but it’s not provided in ladies. Style it the right way and no one will question what department it came from!


  9. jannahschapter says

    Love this shirt on you and the pink bag adds the perfect touch of color! 🙂


  10. Love it. Would you be interested in having your style featured on my blog? I’d just have you answer a few style questions to go along with a few photos of you in your favorite outfits. Email me if you’re interested.


  11. Great example of embracing this trend and making it your own! The menswear look is definitely one of my faves.


  12. I always shop in Mens Section as i am more the bulky side. and Mens wear just hide most of it and show a hint of it….
    And i would style with a long sleeve inner with straight jeans and a maxi shawls…..

    and that shoes…. its beyond awesome…..


  13. Dear ThatFirstHello – Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I spend most of my time on Polyvore these days and my sets post directly. But I really like this post. I love how you’ve included so many different photos and angles. It’s true – the Men’s Section has a certain charm. The nearest I can figure is that the partial lack of prints in men’s fashion appeal to our color block instincts. Anyway, loved the post! Keep being fab!


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