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Touch of Orient

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday! After today it will soon be the weekend 🙂

Over the weekend I shot a outfit which I always loved, a very feminine look with a touch of orient. I achieved it by wearing this beautiful blouse. The print reminded me greatly of Ink Wash Paintings from Asia, may it be Japan or China. The water colored prints especially emphasize so.





The blouse top has the color black as outline, so with no question I matched it with a black lacy skirt consisted of a black slip, and a layer of flowery lace.

I could have picked one of two colors for the shoes to match the look – black or coral. I decided to go with these cute coral heels, to amp up the femininity and also to go with the warmer weather.

To tone down the loudness of my shirt, I picked flowery and light colored designs for earrings and my ring.

Heres’s more shots of the look! Click on them to view the slideshow!

Thanks for viewing everyone! Hope you liked the outfit! ❤



  1. I absoloutely love what you’ve done with this outfit- I agree, it is very feminine and classy, with just a touch of boldness. I love how the coral heels and your lipstick matches as well as the colour of the flowers on the blouse. What a great outfit for such a lovely lady ❤ So pretty. Keep up the good posts xx

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  2. fashionableinthedark says

    Love the outfit and print of the top! I like the combination of the pattern and the lace.


  3. I love this outfit! The pointed toe on the red heels is to die for! The blouse is so classy and fun. I love it! Plus, the skirt looks so great on you! The bag is so chick!


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