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Tie A Knot

Do you ever stare at your closet and find yourself at a lack of choices? And it certainly isn’t from a shortage of clothes, but rather you just can’t find what you need for who you want to be today! It happens to me only all. the. time. But, I am a firm believer of affordable fashion – splurging should only happen on items that I really like, and not to satisfy my need for more choices.

This was one of those days, and having said the above – the alternative to buying new pieces, is of course to work with the existing! I’m not good with my needles and yarns, but I’m all up for simpler adjustments involving scissors, and ….tying knots! 🙂




This blue dress-shirt is actually something I wear for work typically under a blazer, and certainly not something I’d consider wearing casually over weekends. I decided to change things up and turned it into a part of this night-out look. It brings a totally different feeling, hence is now a new addition to my wardrobe at no cost!


I wore these cute polka dot wedges because I felt that it was appropriate to add a hint of cuteness 🙂 And I picked navy blue to go with the blue top.

In terms of other accessories, I stayed minimal both in styles, sizes and colors. On my right wrist, I wore a bracelet from J.estina. It isn’t your typical feminine bracelet – to my liking it brings a touch of masculinity to the look.




Here’s more shots of the outfit 🙂

So let’s all be creative with our wardrobe, especially before throwing out old clothes, think about what you can do with it 😉 the possibilities are in your hands! Haha

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  1. Such a great take on a casual look. As strange as it may sound …. that knot in your crisp blouse and your effortless folded sleeves are the perfect styling details to convert this look from ordinary to extraordinary. Although, my favorite aspect of this entire outfit are your ultra cute wedges.

    PS: Be sure to check out my fab first giveaway on Instagram. All relevant details are listed on my most recent blog post:



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