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The School Girl

Oh em gee, my current obsession! A while ago I’ve given some love to the T-shirt dresses in this look. And now I’m back with more! This trend was prevailing in Asia, and is now creeping the local markets! If you are shying away from body-con dresses, this can be your alternative. It doesn’t contribute to a “sexy” look because it’s loosely fitted, but your body will thank you for how relieving and forgiving it is! It also gives off that effortless chic feel and bring out the cuteness in you. To enhance the look, I wore a watch, a backpack and paired some sneakers. I want to call this one – the school girl look 🙂35





Sneakers right now is THE trend, and if you preach it like I do, you’re probably on your way to get a pair of Stan Smith right this moment if you don’t already own one.  My pair was purchased from Zooshoo (as seen in my previous posts), it isn’t from Adidas because, well, I’ve splurged enough for one summer 🙂


132 141

The other thing you noticed must be my backpack! You must be thinking, it’s got wings! how awesome 🙂 The more awesome part is that the wings can be taken off, and I’ve got another pair of wings in black that I can wear it with. You’ll certainly see more of it in my future posts 🙂

Thanks lovely, tell me what you think! Here’s my instagram



  1. I love the cut of your dress! I wish I wasnt so short, I’d totally rock that length. Ah, I can see you’re crazy about the sneaker trend, too. Love your kicks & love zooshoo. nd your bag is literally perf. Loved the look! Cant wait to see those black wings. 💜


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