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Adidas Superstars – a notable piece of childhood, and sneakers that killed the heels.  We’ve been pretty crazy over Stan Smiths, but the hype has found its way to Stan’s fabulous big brothers. Somehow the bright white, the thick soles, and the 3 black lines just make perfect sense. Also, I have to admit as much as I love heels, I somehow always end up cheating my way out of them by finding such comfortable alternatives.

I’ve made peace with the fact that I grow older faster than I become wiser, so I like to embrace youthful vibes while I still can, and tend to gravitate towards city inspired sporty chic looks, like this one.







The interesting thing about fashion is that it is  dangerously contagious. A couple years back, a nice dress paired with sneakers would be heavily ridiculed for lack of taste and class. And look how far we’ve come, along the high fashion runways, along celeb endorsements, and along local fashion bloggers that inspire everyday fashion. Can you remember why we thought what we love today was ridiculous? Because fashion evolves, or simply because they aren’t seen enough in front of the cameras?





Lovelies, thanks for reading, and to show my appreciation, I have a song for you. Prettiest Friend by Jason Mraz, absolute stunner 🙂



  1. You look so pretty – I love this casual outfit.. and also agree that it is amazing how far fashion has become. I love pairing dresses with converse and not receiving funny looks!
    Saira xxx

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