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Cotton Candy

All designers want their work to stand out, and color palettes are a powerful tool as they draw attention and showcase creativity. A growing trend in web design is the use of less dominant colors, along with a shift towards pastel colors. Pastel colors are simply magical to me, while being peaceful and modest, they project a vibe of positivity and warmth.

It requires the right kind of mix to achieve a good balance between color and tone when wearing light colors, since it’s easy to look washed out. Here’s an outfit I put together, casual, brightening, along with a bag from Kate Spade that reminds me of cotton candy.






10     8

As usual, hope you guys liked the outfit. I know my sense of style isn’t for everyone, so thanks for your support along the way. ❤



    • thanks Adela! i love your sense of style and girl you are so pretty! you have a stunning blog (for some reason I couldn’t find the follow button!)

      let’s keep in touch and maybe collab in the future! 🙂 x

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      • Hey Val, I’m sorry that I’m replying to this a month later! Thank you so much for your kind words, and I would love to do a collab sometime soon 🙂 (That’s weird, I’m pretty sure there’s a follow button somewhere!)
        Love, Adela xx


  1. love2bcouture says

    Omg I love this Outfit, its adorable. I love the allstars on you. Im telling you its awesome. Thank you for coming to my blog. xo Johanna


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