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Varsity Chic

With celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Rihanna rocking varsity jackets like never before, the look caught on in 2014 and since then, there have been many  modern updates and variations to the style. It’s no longer longer a boyish look for athletes, instead it became a fashion icon that no one questions – the ones who wear it love it, and those who don’t wear it understand the charm. With that said, the varsity look was taken to new heights.

I’m going through a varsity phase myself and you’ll more looks in upcoming posts. THIS, though, is my all time favorite varsity piece from Adidas Originals.





When putting together this look I tried to stay away from layering too much because the jacket itself can already seem bulky. It’s more flattering when it’s simple & streamlined. As usual I like to land a feel between masculine and feminine, so I layered a thin tank with some witty crossovers in the front.  I went with white pants and white shoes because…I just didn’t want to be boring 🙂 the combination may seem simple, but it’s an eye catching one. But in general, the jackets can look great with your everyday denim.





Of course the varsity look doesn’t stop at the jackets, from tees to dresses, sweatshirts and shorts, endless possibilities that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with, you may surprise yourself at how nicely you pull it off!



Hope this was your thing, thanks for reading beautifuls ❤



  1. Okay, that is a very nice look… I mean, I’m not going to look that good no matter what I wear… there was a time when I would have, but not any more… HA!


  2. aricouture says

    I love your blog, so glade I found it! And this outfit is absolutely amazing!😍


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