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Styling Blue Lace

Lace – a French thing, a graceful embellishment to any outfits. I always felt like it isn’t for everyone, because sometimes it just feels like too much for casual wear due to its noble lineage – it requires advanced handcraft to put together, and it’s seen very often in haute couture and wedding dresses. I also feel like although elegant, the garment itself looks very busy, and it always ends up stealing the focus of the look instead of complimenting the complexion.

I purchased this collared blue lace top from Zara, thinking I should add some mature and sexy vibes to my wardrobe. How did I do? Although with the addition of the Peter Pan collar, I might’ve ended up looking more cute and preppy than mature. A key suggestion is to always wear skin colored garment or underwear beneath any colored sheer lace top to avoid having too much going on, or else it really takes away from the design, and further pans the simplicity.

The fashion police says you should not have more than three colors in one outfit, so I took the liberty of wearing a red lipstick for a pop of color without feeling too sorry about it. 🙂












Hope you liked the outfit! If you’re wondering about the beautiful setting, this is the Cathedral nearby my house, will definitely come back for more shoots in the future. 🙂



  1. Andrea says

    Hi there, found the link to your blog on springoffashion and was curious to see whats going on on your blog. I can only say that I’m totally in love with that style. I personally love wearing lace too. I always feel that its amazing to create some texture. Can’t wait to see more of your looks, xoxo Andrea
    If you like I would be happy if you would visit my blog


  2. Pretty good way to style blue lace and I like your pictures, the location and outfit match perfectly!


  3. I like the feminine lace top and how you paired it with more masculine shoes. I always love that masculine/feminine pairing xo


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