Month: September 2016

Korean Streetstyle

I’m constantly exposed to fashion inspired by K-Pop, and lately my style seems to be gravitating towards that way. If you want to know how to dress like your favorite K-Pop idols, here’s some tips, read on! You need nice shoes – They don’t have to be expensive, but high heels aren’t only for fancy occasions in Korea. I’d opt for heel pumps for summer and quality/clean sneakers or boots for cooler weathers. Having the shoes down can set a good foundation for your Korean styling. No revealing tops! – It’s rare to catch cleavage (or even shoulders!) in Korean fashion, it’s simply not fit for their culture, instead they prefer more modest and cutesy tunics. But, they do embrace bold colors, which are eye-catching in a different way. Short shorts/skirts – Don’t shy away from showing off your legs! Your favorite K-pop idols likely embrace matching short shorts/skirts with bomber jackets or sweaters. Who says fashion has to be season/temperature friendly? Slaying Make-up – I know I don’t need to say much here, Korea slays when it comes to make-up and skincare. The signature …

Goodbye Summer, And My Favorite Trend

Off-the-shoulder tops have been this season’s calling. I was obsessed all summer, actually, I have been obsessed for as long as I can remember, so to me it’s simply timeless. Here’s some handpicked looks which I adore too much to not share. Read on! 🙂 The straight-across! (Image 1 and 3) I always thought a woman’s collar bone and shoulders are intricate body parts that can express the unique charms of femininity. The straight-across off-shoulder top does exactly that! They also conveniently hide any arm fat in case you worry that you’re a little too plum to show so much skin, now that’s what I call functional. The full sleeves! (Image 2) Although the full sleeves are similar to a straight-across style and are absolute head turners, it can be a little intimidating to pull off since it suits slimmer women better. The full sleeves tend to start closer to the elbows and below the chest line, and would look best when contrasted with thin arms. This dressy shirt brings the look of “almost falling off” and adds the irresistible touch of mystery. The straight-across with ruffles! (Image …

How I Wear My Tees (Pt 2)

I’m back with another T-shirt special! If you haven’t seen the other look and tips I shared, check it out here! Compared with the previous look, I like this one just a tad more simply because it’s more slimming :-). The key is to wear 1. Dark colored top and 2. tight denim skirt that’s 1-2 inches longer than your typical short shorts so that it conveniently hides the thickest part of your thighs – all together this will create the illusion of petite top, fuller hips, and skinnier legs. So what do you think? Which looks did you like more! Let me know in the comments section! ❤

Stripes, stripes, stripes

It’s true, wearing vertical stripes has a slim effect, whereas wearing horizontal stripes has the opposite. But there’s something about horizontal stripes that I find so visually pleasing and chic, perhaps because the perfectly parallel lines make any tops look more refined and hence easier to dress them up or down. I fully embraced the stripes here with this dress, but hey, color black is slimming so I didn’t feel too bad about it.I accessorized with mostly black – hat; earrings; shoes;watch, with a mild pop of color with my all time favorite ice cream purse. Not your typical OOTD, but hope you like this! 🙂