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Goodbye Summer, And My Favorite Trend

Off-the-shoulder tops have been this season’s calling. I was obsessed all summer, actually, I have been obsessed for as long as I can remember, so to me it’s simply timeless. Here’s some handpicked looks which I adore too much to not share.

Read on! 🙂

  1. The straight-across! (Image 1 and 3)
    • I always thought a woman’s collar bone and shoulders are intricate body parts that can express the unique charms of femininity. The straight-across off-shoulder top does exactly that! They also conveniently hide any arm fat in case you worry that you’re a little too plum to show so much skin, now that’s what I call functional.
  2. The full sleeves! (Image 2)
    • Although the full sleeves are similar to a straight-across style and are absolute head turners, it can be a little intimidating to pull off since it suits slimmer women better. The full sleeves tend to start closer to the elbows and below the chest line, and would look best when contrasted with thin arms. This dressy shirt brings the look of “almost falling off” and adds the irresistible touch of mystery.
  3. The straight-across with ruffles! (Image 1)
    • Who doesn’t love some ruffles! To me it almost adds an instant feel of royalty, at least it always makes me feel pretty like a princess when I wear one.I think this is a great play on the traditional straight across style, it retains the unapologetic playfulness while throwing some elegance into the mix.

So, which is your favorite shoulder-baring ensemble? Let me know lovelies!



  1. Love this trend yet bizarrely I didn’t wear one off-the-shoulders top all summer 😟 Next summer for sure! Love the style of the first one! Xx

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