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Korean Streetstyle

I’m constantly exposed to fashion inspired by K-Pop, and lately my style seems to be gravitating towards that way. If you want to know how to dress like your favorite K-Pop idols, here’s some tips, read on!



  • You need nice shoes – They don’t have to be expensive, but high heels aren’t only for fancy occasions in Korea. I’d opt for heel pumps for summer and quality/clean sneakers or boots for cooler weathers. Having the shoes down can set a good foundation for your Korean styling.
  • No revealing tops! – It’s rare to catch cleavage (or even shoulders!) in Korean fashion, it’s simply not fit for their culture, instead they prefer more modest and cutesy tunics. But, they do embrace bold colors, which are eye-catching in a different way.
  • Short shorts/skirts – Don’t shy away from showing off your legs! Your favorite K-pop idols likely embrace matching short shorts/skirts with bomber jackets or sweaters. Who says fashion has to be season/temperature friendly?
  • Slaying Make-up – I know I don’t need to say much here, Korea slays when it comes to make-up and skincare. The signature looks associate with pale skin, ombre lips, etc.
  • Invest in your hairstyle! – Bad hair days is a myth for Koreans, at least it is to me, haha. They experiment with both hairstyles and hair colors abundantly, and very successfully.
  • Just look polished – No sweats & slippers! Even if you don’t feel like dressing up, there’s always the effortless look, which aren’t actually all that effortless, haha.





Honestly speaking, I wasn’t purposely going for a Korean look for this shoot, it kind of just happened. In other words, just wear whatever feels right to you, it can’t go wrong (hopefully)!

Thanks lovelies for reading, let me know your thoughts on this look!

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