Month: October 2016

My Street Style

Street style is avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban youth. Although it’s not emerged from studios, it’s certainly been changing the game. Not only is the paradigm carried by fashion bloggers, celebrities like Gigi and Kendall have surely helped push it far as well. This look is inspired by an outfit of Kendall’s, although I can’t find the original photo to show you. But in a nutshell, she rebelliously paired a casual baseball hat with a leather jacket, which may seem odd at first but I quickly found it to be brilliant. I rebelled a little more by throwing a bodycon dress into the sporty/leather mix – which actually looked surprisingly good, who knew! Of course, the key to successfully mixing different styles into one outfit is to stay minimal when it comes to the colors, but I’m sure you already knew that. 🙂 Remember the simplest form of street style is a documentation of chic styles worn on the streets, it’s meant to be stylish with individuality.

The Happiness Formula

Just like how we sometimes have our sweaters, bed sheets and many other things in life reversed – it’s also happening to our happiness formula. In case you’re wondering what a happiness formula is, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a formula you follow and allow you to feel happier. Let me explain.

Fur Vests – Fall Cozy Chic

I’d say furry vest is a signature fall garment, suited for the cooler temperature and season of layering. But rather than a fashion staple, it’s more of a statement piece with a touch of extravagance and luxury. This is a throw back outfit, as you can see my hair was still black :-). I rocked this vest with some basic blacks – tee, watch and boots, along with some accessories that screamed “look at me!”. The best thing about fur vests is that you really don’t need to put much thoughts into the styling. It may not seem like it, but it’s extremely versatile. An oxford shirt, a cocktail dress, a sweater, a silky dress-shirt – wear it with anything you want, a fur vest up top will instantly amp up the chic! And of course, the cozy. If you don’t believe me, check out the Pinterest page for fur vests outfits, it’s so hard to go wrong! Although this was a bigger trend years back, don’t let your fur vests collect dust in the closet! 🙂  


It has been about fashion as much as it’s been about function, even for the intimates. There’s always been a classic beauty element associated with lingerie. Here I was invited by AdoreMe to create some flatlays with my favorite lingerie garments. After being introduced to the sexy lingerie styles at Adore Me (Instagram page) and their #flirtyfallflatlays, I’m here to share some of my own flat lays with my favorite lingerie garments. Instead of showing you what’s in my underwear drawer, I put together some summer/fall outfits with my lingerie pieces that I’d wear outside. Because after all, it’s more about how you wear in fashion, and less about what you wear. 1. Here’s a mint colored strapped bustier I wear in the bedroom to once in a while admire myself in 😉 Just kidding. It’s a great flirty alternative to a bra – it provides support, comfort, and more coverage. But don’t let these reasons stop you from being creative and take it outside of the bedroom! In another light, it’s a fancy lacey crop-top, so wear it with your favorite high-waisted shorts, accessorize with …