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It has been about fashion as much as it’s been about function, even for the intimates. There’s always been a classic beauty element associated with lingerie. Here I was invited by AdoreMe to create some flatlays with my favorite lingerie garments. After being introduced to the sexy lingerie styles at Adore Me (Instagram page) and their #flirtyfallflatlays, I’m here to share some of my own flat lays with my favorite lingerie garments.

Instead of showing you what’s in my underwear drawer, I put together some summer/fall outfits with my lingerie pieces that I’d wear outside. Because after all, it’s more about how you wear in fashion, and less about what you wear.

1. Here’s a mint colored strapped bustier I wear in the bedroom to once in a while admire myself in 😉 Just kidding. It’s a great flirty alternative to a bra – it provides support, comfort, and more coverage. But don’t let these reasons stop you from being creative and take it outside of the bedroom! In another light, it’s a fancy lacey crop-top, so wear it with your favorite high-waisted shorts, accessorize with a hat and purse, and you’re ready to roam the downtown streets. If this is fall, simply throw on a cardigan and some leather ankle boots – take full advantage of the outfit’s versatility!

2. I’ve chosen another ambiguous item here, a form of body-stocking lingerie that resembles a sheer lace top. It’s a little hard to tell that it’s sheer since layers are stacked, but when attempting to wear it outdoors, it’s essential that it’s worn with nude colored underwear. Match it with your signature white skinnys, and optional large-sized purse & hat for some additional flare and sass.

You don’t need a perfect body to rock lingerie, indoors or outdoors. They’re meant to be feminine, sexy and womanly – the way we deserve to feel.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Check out Adore Me’s lingerie collection – this isn’t a sponsored post, but they work hard to bring you good products.:-)



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