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Thigh High Boots

Lovelies! I know it’s been weeks since I blogged, but I’ve got some really good excuses – life has been keeping me ultra busy! I do have exciting updates to make up for it though 🙂 In the past 3 weeks, I vacationed to Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. I took lots of photos in LA so expect a series of outfit posts! I think I’m going to name it the “Val goes to Cali” series. I’ve also been occupied with paperwork…because I’ll be starting my a new job next week, who’s excited with me?! 🙂

Without deviating any further from the subject – here I have a recent favorite outfit to share featuring my newly purchased thigh-high boots! I’ve been a non-believer of thigh-highs for as long as I can remember, but this season I decided to give this trend a chance, annnnnnd I LOVE them!

Whether in leather or suede, flat or platformed, these shoes are statement pieces that are surprisingly functional in cold weather. Pull them over skinny jeans/leggings, with an oversized sweater, or with a cute & flirty miniskirt to show a bit of skin – like how I wore it here! Who says you can’t wear skirts and still be warm and cozy in the fall? These boots are fabulous no matter how they’re styled, I’ve actually seen many outfits with thigh-high boots that would seem like fashion no-nos (i.e. the loose and wrinkly thigh-highs paired under a knee high skirt…not the most flattering but it works!), but it’ll be overlooked! Because in my opinion the bold factor of the boots makes it a very forgiving piece in your audiences’ eyes. Yes, thigh-highs are still considered a little bold in my books. 🙂









Thanks so much for reading lovelies, try some thigh highs this fall! Mine were from Aldo, but I can’t find it any more, so here’s a similar!



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