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Styling Faux Fur

What comes to mind when you think about wearing fur? I personally think of couture, statement, luxury, and maybe freezing cold, haha. I’ve recently discovered a new found appreciation for it as I looked for winter outfit alternatives. I’ve now officially ventured into the world of faux fur coats and I can’t seem to stop. It’s addictive. I’ve always thought fur coats are very pretty but happily stayed away because I wasn’t sure how to style it without it looking a little “too much”, and that hasn’t changed, I still think it can look excessive, I just no longer have a problem with it. 🙂 Why should you limit yourself from wearing what you feel like on any given day? I’ve picked up this gorgeous fur coat in pink from Shein.com and it’s a great buy, it kept me warm on this zero degree weather and it just looks so chic. It’s on sale so click here to check it out!

How to accessorize: Remember, it’s a coat, but it’s also a fancy accessory because of the fur, so you definitely want to be minimal when it comes to accessorizing. Less is more.

What bottoms to wear: The key word is slim-fit. Because fur coats can look very bulky, especially if it’s short like this one, so you want to contrast it by wearing skinnys or figure-slimming skirts.

What hairstyle works: I find clean looks such as pulling hair back or style into a bun works really well with fur coats. It ties back to the above point of being minimal. The coat is going to be very attention grabbing, so let it 🙂

What shoes to wear: Boots, may it be ankle boots or thigh-high boots or heeled boots. Nothing else work as well in my opinion. The reason is that fur coats are reflective of the season (i.e. winter), so the shoes should not be anything that reveals your foot or toes. Additionally, boots or heeled boots will vibe very well with fur coats, while anything less casual just won’t cut it.











Coat: Shein.com | Shades: Chanel | Pants: H&M | Boots: Aldo | Bag: YSL | Earrings: Swarovski

Thanks for reading lovelies, let me know your thoughts on fur coats! Hope to talk to you real soon ❤



  1. OK this look is 🔥 🔥 🔥!!! I absolutely love it. I was going to criticise but nothing is wrong here!!!!!! I adore!!!!! your blog name is awesome BTW


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