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Winter Culottes

Winter wardrobe can really feel redundant when it’s always the same jackets and denim pants keeping you warm, so it’s nice to spark some fashion inspiration by introducing unconventional items into the wardrobe.

My creative spirit picked the cropped, wide-leg pants,  which may seem counterintuitive in the cold, but with the right styling, culottes can easily be part of your winter outfit routine. Here’s some tips:

  1. Wear the cropped hem style with ankle boots – looking extra chic and also help cover the exposed skin
  2. Fabric – thicker culottes add weights to the look and are go-tos for the colder weather
  3. Layer – wear a flattering turtleneck to increase the warmth factor, underneath a large coat or chunky cardigan
  4. Color coordinate – I stuck with my usual neutrals but if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, unconventional items (e.g. colorful culottes) are great for it







Thank for reading babes ❤ Cya soon 🙂



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