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#1 Tip to Gain Productivity

Life seems to pass in a blur, there’s always so much keeping you occupied that you are left with no time to do things that are of real importance to you, like spending more time with your friends and family, like writing that blog you’ve put off for months, like updating that resume to inch towards your dream job, and like getting to that book you’ve always wanted to read.

But the catch is – there’s always time, the trick is knowing where to look

I recently read a book which informed that the one thing many CEOs have in common, is that they are up before 6am and accomplish many things before breakfast.  In the morning, our minds are fresh, the world is calm, and there are no daily chores distracting us, making it the perfect time for some reflection and getting these non-urgent but important things done.

But of course, it’s not that easy. I personally am a late sleeper and love sleeping in, as much as I want to get things done at night time after work, it’s just such a struggle after a long day and I would much prefer to just Netflix in bed. If you’re like me, this is something we can change for the better, especially knowing it is also healthier to sleep early and wake early. We can all re-think our mornings and let it become an opportunity to nurture our career, relationships, or ourselves.

So now we’re convinced it’s a good idea, how should we start? Here’s a 3-step approach:

  1. Start envisioning what an ideal morning can look like in great detail (e.g. wake, have a nice cup of green tea, go for a run, come back and have a nice avocado toast for breakfast, etc.). Once you’re bought in and excited about the idea, you’ll start feeling the motivation to implement it.
  2. Take time to adopt the new habits from the new routine – figure out the logistics and see how you can make the routine more feasible, e.g. if you want to take 5 min longer for your breakfast, then take 5 min less in the shower.
  3. Fine-tune your routine – make adjustments and readjustments until you find what works best. The key is also to take your time, you likely can’t achieve this overnight. But with some discipline, you’re on your way to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Thanks for reading lovelies!



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