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Korean Streetstyle

I’m constantly exposed to fashion inspired by K-Pop, and lately my style seems to be gravitating towards that way. If you want to know how to dress like your favorite K-Pop idols, here’s some tips, read on! You need nice shoes – They don’t have to be expensive, but high heels aren’t only for fancy occasions in Korea. I’d opt for heel pumps for summer and quality/clean sneakers or boots for cooler weathers. Having the shoes down can set a good foundation for your Korean styling. No revealing tops! – It’s rare to catch cleavage (or even shoulders!) in Korean fashion, it’s simply not fit for their culture, instead they prefer more modest and cutesy tunics. But, they do embrace bold colors, which are eye-catching in a different way. Short shorts/skirts – Don’t shy away from showing off your legs! Your favorite K-pop idols likely embrace matching short shorts/skirts with bomber jackets or sweaters. Who says fashion has to be season/temperature friendly? Slaying Make-up – I know I don’t need to say much here, Korea slays when it comes to make-up and skincare. The signature …

Stripes, stripes, stripes

It’s true, wearing vertical stripes has a slim effect, whereas wearing horizontal stripes has the opposite. But there’s something about horizontal stripes that I find so visually pleasing and chic, perhaps because the perfectly parallel lines make any tops look more refined and hence easier to dress them up or down. I fully embraced the stripes here with this dress, but hey, color black is slimming so I didn’t feel too bad about it.I accessorized with mostly black – hat; earrings; shoes;watch, with a mild pop of color with my all time favorite ice cream purse. Not your typical OOTD, but hope you like this! 🙂

More on Asymmetry

The sweater is a gift from my aunt while I was on vacation in China. Needless to say I love everything about it. If you read my earlier post featuring asymmetry, this is an addition to the collection – asymmetrical sleeves. Enjoy 🙂 Hope you liked the look! (:

Sleeveless Waterfall Coat

Temperature in Toronto has been consistently floating around 5 degrees and it actually brings such a fashion challenge. What the weather entails is that I need to prepare for layers, especially since it’s too warm for winter parkas and too cold for spring coats. I’ve never been a fan of layering because while doing it right can be chic and powerful, it’s also easy to look chunky and noisy. However the most important thing that I’d like to promote is to obviously stay warm! The general formula includes – warm and comfy piece on your skin, like silk/cotton undershirt + a decently thick piece such as a hoodie/sweater/cardigan + a 3rd conclusive piece in wool material which keeps you dry and warm + optional step to accessorize to your heart’s content with scarves and boots. Here I’m wearing a long body hugging turtleneck  sweater, wool sleeveless waterfall coat, and some black chunky heels to finish off the look. I definitely think this outfit is more fall appropriate rather than for spring, but I was just so in love with my virgin sleeveless coat – it’s one of those pieces that …

Neutral Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Hope you got to spend it with the one you love, and if you’re single like me, definitely don’t let anything stop us from being happy on Valentine’s Day! I came across this article on WikiHow on How to Be Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day, thought I’d share with you single beautifuls out there ❤ Unfortunately I don’t have an festive valentine’s outfit for you guys.Instead this was another neutral outfit that I thought would look cute in the winter. I’ve always had a thing for fuzzy and comfortable sweaters. Although I have to say it’s not always the most obvious choice to match a chunky sweater with cotton material skirt. It’ll generally create a top or bottom heavy look. I threw on a pair of ankle boots in black to balance out this top heaviness through symmetry. You guys already know I love shades, and grey is my new favorite from the family. For accessories, especially sweater accessories, always stick with simplicity! This isn’t a plain outfit due to the furry feels, so accessories aren’t center of the attention, they …

Turtleneck Weather

Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s speak turtle neck. (I found something interesting today called the Turtle Neck club for fashion elites, hahaha genius) I’ve always doubted turtlenecks on me because I felt like it only suits others with thin sharp faces. I still think that,I just refused to listen to my fashion instincts any longer and miss out on the countless turtleneck benefits. Brownie points for getting out the comfort zone? 🙂 Turtleneck benefits include: It’s hella warm! Enables the classic high longevity silhouette If it’s a tight one (unlike this one), it draws attention to the bust area and accentuates the feminine figure Easy to match, great layering piece and works with pretty much any pants Easiest way to a sleek and fashionable vibe in winter, always The interesting thing about fashion is that it doesn’t take someone who’s gifted with sense of style to be fashionable. Sometimes it just takes someone a little different, a little bold, who can back that all up with confidence. Hope you lovelies liked this look, and my DW watch! (I finally got one! Also in a different …

Cotton Candy

All designers want their work to stand out, and color palettes are a powerful tool as they draw attention and showcase creativity. A growing trend in web design is the use of less dominant colors, along with a shift towards pastel colors. Pastel colors are simply magical to me, while being peaceful and modest, they project a vibe of positivity and warmth. It requires the right kind of mix to achieve a good balance between color and tone when wearing light colors, since it’s easy to look washed out. Here’s an outfit I put together, casual, brightening, along with a bag from Kate Spade that reminds me of cotton candy.       As usual, hope you guys liked the outfit. I know my sense of style isn’t for everyone, so thanks for your support along the way. ❤

Bubble Midi

See I told you, I like to feel girly once in a while too. Having indulged so long in street style, I felt like I was going out of my way for this skirt. I’ve always been infatuated with midis, there’s something magical about being able to show off your calves without exposing the knees. Since the skirt hits right below the middle, it creates an illusion of a longer and slimmer body. If you’re ever self-conscious about your calves looking unappealingly big, know that it’s all by contrast and midis can be a trusty choice. My bubbly skirt is a pleated A-line – an all time favorite from me, it enhances the hourglass figure by accentuating the waist and flaring out the bottom, and is undeniably flattering on any girl 🙂 I matched my skirt with a fitted lace tube to add onto the feminine feel, and of course nothing speaks classy like gold and basic pearls for accessories. “Truth is, I’ll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to …

Styling Adidas (Pt. II)

As mentioned in my previous post, I styled the same garments a little differently to bring about a different vibe! I un-tucked my tee and swapped the heels for these slippers to present you my stylish grocery shopping look….haha 🙂 I love everything about this outfit because I adore big loose tees, can’t stand wearing pants (they are just the most restricting thing), and not to mention my toes loved the freedom. Even in the absence of class and elegance, this is very much effortless chic and I love it as it suits me. One way to not look sloppy when wearing an oversized tee that’s clearly too big for you, is to fold up the sleeves 🙂 It’s all in the details! You’re awesome for checking out my post, have a nice day! ❤