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Pretty in White

It’s always been a love-hate relationship with the shade white, because although it brightens every look and brings a youthful vibe, it just gets stained so easily. But that’s OK, I’ll just have to be extra careful :). Here I have my favorite chic cape-blazer from Zara matched with culottes of the same texture (don’t you just love the black ribbons for the contrast it brings about?). I’ve also added some neutrals and golds throughout the look without taking away too much from the outfit.

Shades of Grey

Not everything in life is black and white, and often times we end up in the ominous grey areas. Whether it’s work or relationships, lack of definition tend to usually bring about confusion and complicate situations. Subsequently what makes it worse is that rather than seeking clarity, we like to be safe and stay where we are, and end up getting comfortable in the grey areas. Sometimes, a little bravery is all it takes to change things. While grey areas aren’t always perceived positively, they can be a great outfit choice. Over here I’m throwing together shades of grey of various fabric to create a coherent outfit that has both dimension and definition. In case you weren’t aware, neutrals head-to-toe has always been best recipe for a chic look.

My Street Style

Street style is avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban youth. Although it’s not emerged from studios, it’s certainly been changing the game. Not only is the paradigm carried by fashion bloggers, celebrities like Gigi and Kendall have surely helped push it far as well. This look is inspired by an outfit of Kendall’s, although I can’t find the original photo to show you. But in a nutshell, she rebelliously paired a casual baseball hat with a leather jacket, which may seem odd at first but I quickly found it to be brilliant. I rebelled a little more by throwing a bodycon dress into the sporty/leather mix – which actually looked surprisingly good, who knew! Of course, the key to successfully mixing different styles into one outfit is to stay minimal when it comes to the colors, but I’m sure you already knew that. 🙂 Remember the simplest form of street style is a documentation of chic styles worn on the streets, it’s meant to be stylish with individuality.

Turtleneck Weather

Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s speak turtle neck. (I found something interesting today called the Turtle Neck club for fashion elites, hahaha genius) I’ve always doubted turtlenecks on me because I felt like it only suits others with thin sharp faces. I still think that,I just refused to listen to my fashion instincts any longer and miss out on the countless turtleneck benefits. Brownie points for getting out the comfort zone? 🙂 Turtleneck benefits include: It’s hella warm! Enables the classic high longevity silhouette If it’s a tight one (unlike this one), it draws attention to the bust area and accentuates the feminine figure Easy to match, great layering piece and works with pretty much any pants Easiest way to a sleek and fashionable vibe in winter, always The interesting thing about fashion is that it doesn’t take someone who’s gifted with sense of style to be fashionable. Sometimes it just takes someone a little different, a little bold, who can back that all up with confidence. Hope you lovelies liked this look, and my DW watch! (I finally got one! Also in a different …

Dress Over Pants?

Have difficulty embracing the Dress Over Pants trend? You definitely aren’t alone. It just isn’t what dresses are for! I decided to give it a chance because you’ll never know some things until you try. I don’t have a lot of long loose tops, but I managed to pair my ripped white jeans with this casual collared dress from H&M. This was an easy match also because light blue + white color combination is admittedly pleasant to the eyes. I wasn’t feeling adventurous with the shoes so I went with a safe selection – my trusty nude sandals. I agree some black strap heels would have worked as well but I wanted the focus to be on the outfit rather than attention grabbing heels. Isn’t this a beautiful little purse? This is one of Kate Spade’s Lemon design series. I love it not only because of the unique design, but also the white/dark blue/tan color theme which I personally think work amazing together. In terms of the accessories, I consistently teamed with gold – necklace was gold, and there were hints of gold in my …