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Lace & Hollows

I ventured to Europe a couple weeks ago and visited London and Paris. I have to say it’s the best vacation I’ve taken yet. Not only did I get to walk amidst living history and remarkable architecture, I also got to experience different cultures by playing local – eat street food, attend carnivals/events in the city, take public transit everywhere, hang at a cafe and converse with strangers. I can go on forever about the trip but perhaps I’ll talk about it in a separate blog post and just stay on topic here…(: Below is a snippet of my stay in Paris, the shoot was done at Palais Royal which was one of my absolute favorite sites in Paris. This beautiful place radiates positive energy and intriguingly a calming atmosphere, all of which complimented by an hint of romance. To go with it all I’m wearing a exquisite white top consisted of flattering patterns of lace and hollows. I matched it with a neutral tone bubble shorts belted by a scarf to further augment femininity.

Have you met Ted?

A couple weekends ago, I was shopping at Toronto Premium Outlet, and I found myself a new love – a brand that I absolutely adore – Ted Baker! Their style quickly reminded me of Kate Spade, but there is something about it that isn’t quite the same, and makes it more appealing to me.   I did score some lovelies while at the outlet store! Although if you haven’t really seen Ted Baker products, I’d highly recommend visiting their actual stores, they are gorgeous! I will do a separate post on Ted Baker at Toronto Eatons Centre, and show you what they are all about and why I’m so in love. This is what they call a Shopper Bag – Not your average handbags eh? Its retail price is about $50-$70, I got it on sale for $30! Girls, what are you waiting for?! It’s does not have any zipper/button and definitely can’t replace any of my purses, but It is so adorable I just want to carry it places! I currently use it to carry my lunches to …