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#1 Tip to Gain Productivity

Life seems to pass in a blur, there’s always so much keeping you occupied that you are left with no time to do things that are of real importance to you, like spending more time with your friends and family, like writing that blog you’ve put off for months, like updating that resume to inch towards your dream job, and like getting to that book you’ve always wanted to read. But the catch is – there’s always time, the trick is knowing where to look. 

Weekn’d Morning Routine

When I have a good morning, I always feel like I have a great day ahead. It’s important to start a day well. Weekday mornings are rushed because I need to get to work, but on the weekends – it’s time to slow down and have a relaxing time ❤ I try to get abundance of sleep on weekends, us girls really need it, it’s like food for our bodies! I usually wake up at around 10 AM. After basic cleansing, I would treat my skin 🙂 I know many people like to do facial masks at night time, but I prefer weekend mornings because I don’t do this daily, it is extra refreshing and I can really take my time ^^ Ever since I was in my teens, my mother used to buy me cosmetics and skincare products so I never had to. Like all Asian moms, she favors American or French products such as Lancome & Estee Lauder. So growing up I never had the habit of buying skincare products, until recent years when I developed liking for Asian products and …