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Winter & Cool Tones

Among the colors practiced by the street styles of the world, there are two shades that are unusually and consistently styled together: pale pink and grey – a stunning favourite of mine. The two team up to deliver an outfit that is minimalist, sleek, chic, and let’s not forget feminine. For this look I’ve evenly distributed the pink and grey and added some white to dilute the intensity of the mix. Many may challenge that these colors are a tad too light for winter weather, but I personally think cool tones in winter time are way too underrated :-).

Mixing Neutrals

There’s something so chic and elegant about being able to mix neutral tones in an outfit. Neutrals are generally very easy on the eye and are often overlooked on the streets, but mashing three or more neutrals together can make the outfit a little more eye-catching and a little less ordinary. I’m not recommending a safe combos like black & grey, beige & white, etc. Instead, try beige and grey, army green and grey, and so on to see if it has the effect you want to create. By wearing more neutral shades, it quickly amps up the chic without adding too much noise. Neutrals don’t have to be boring, so go test your creativity. 🙂

Denim Suspenders

Yep, back with another suspenders look 🙂 (And there will be more!) I’ll try not to bore you with all these suspenders but I just love love love them! 🙂 Suspenders are from Suzy Shier, at about $50. Suzy’s stuff is stylish but the quality isn’t the best – so I’d consider this a splurge actually. The tee is from Zara, it was only around $15! Loved the simple white Tee and loved the message on it – No one is perfect! I recently wrote about not letting perfect be the enemy of good, feel free to check it out here. Isn’t this the most adorable necklace? It’s an owl on a chain! If you aren’t a style blogger you may not appreciate how hard it is to find a nice setting to shoot! Luckily there is a beach nearby my place, surrounded by interesting buildings and parks. I was thrilled to have found this little corner 🙂 The shoes are also from Suzy’s! This was on sale, under $10! If you are into comfortable shoes, these are heavenly! …

H&M – Stripe & Leather

Hi beautifuls! I present you with a outfit purchased form H&M! Stripey chiffon blouse | $25 Leather pants | $40 Black and white doesn’t get old for me – there are just so many things you can do with these neutral shades! To start with the top – Always have been a fan of chiffon material blouses, but this one is different! I have worn it inside blazers for work & professional settings, and I wear it casually and pull off a chic look, as in these images! Versatility is always what gets me. Now as for the pants – these aren’t expensive, and for the reason that it doesn’t have buttons or zippers and is more like leather leggings, but the material is quite thick and well made, so I’d still think of it as pants.


I developed a liking for fuzzy sweaters, I actually have it in 3 different colors: black, aqua, & baby pink. To go with the black sweater, there are several plausible choices – Blue Jeans, white jeans, or beige. I decided to pull out my white Armani jeans and I almost regretted the decision immediately – they make you look 10 pounds heavier! I wanted collars to dress up the outfit, but I didn’t want to wear a dress shirt inside because the sweater shouldn’t look any more bloated. So I threw on something like the below 🙂 It is thin with lovely collars. These shoes were from Aldo bought maybe 3 years back. It was one of my first pairs of ankle boots. It is leather quality, still in style to this day, and very comfortable. (Big fan of shoelaces btw) This cute little purse is from Kate Spade. It was from a shopping spree in Buffalo. It is very thin and small in size, perfect for a nightout. I bought them because they look like the Eiffel …

Fall Basics

Basics pieces are from Dynamite. When I am in need of shopping, I never leave a mall without checking out this store. Dynamite has affordable trends that let its customers go from the office to a chic night on the town, or a casual weekend, with an urban flare. Quite a lot of Dynamite items contribute to my wardrobe, no matter for work or night outs. :).