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Hello, Paris

Think Paris and I conjure images of the Eiffel Tower soaring above the romantic city of lights. As the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, I’ve always wanted to visit France and intimately appreciate the Eiffel Tower surrounded by Seine River and restless streets of Paris, but situate just distant enough to take it all in. Prettily dressed. Picture Perfect. I had finally made it happen this fall. Living in the interconnected world while being social media savvy, I must have seen the Eiffel from every possible angle through a screen (Eiffel Tower steals the show on Instagram as one of the most photographed attractions in the world). But I have to say, nothing levels the dynamic expression of the real thing. Time passed by without me noticing and I ended up spending hours at Champ de Mars with the perfect view. Blissful. Memorable.

Lace & Hollows

I ventured to Europe a couple weeks ago and visited London and Paris. I have to say it’s the best vacation I’ve taken yet. Not only did I get to walk amidst living history and remarkable architecture, I also got to experience different cultures by playing local – eat street food, attend carnivals/events in the city, take public transit everywhere, hang at a cafe and converse with strangers. I can go on forever about the trip but perhaps I’ll talk about it in a separate blog post and just stay on topic here…(: Below is a snippet of my stay in Paris, the shoot was done at Palais Royal which was one of my absolute favorite sites in Paris. This beautiful place radiates positive energy and intriguingly a calming atmosphere, all of which complimented by an hint of romance. To go with it all I’m wearing a exquisite white top consisted of flattering patterns of lace and hollows. I matched it with a neutral tone bubble shorts belted by a scarf to further augment femininity.

Céline Favorites

I present you my current obsession – Céline’s Luggate Tote Mini! I’ve always had a lack of black purses due to my thinking that black bags often hide the detailing of the designs. But if I were to buy any black bag, this would absolutely be it! ❤ The Luggate Tote series came out in 2010, but it didn’t catch the public’s eyes until it was spotted on arms of celebrities. Once it became popular, of course it then became a more exclusive choice and grew considerably in price. Since then, certain styles have been discontinued (i.e. Medium and Shoulder size), but more styles and color combinations have been added to the line. As intimidating as the price tag may seem, it is a stylish and durable product with refined craftsmanship, a worthwhile investment you can proudly add to your designer collections. As much as I love big bags, I believe the Mini size would suffice. But – don’t judge by what it sounds like, it isn’t that “mini” and a size Medium is actually so big! It also comes in smaller scales called …