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Lazy Chic

Not sure if lazy chic is an actual thing but it certainly is in my book. As much as I like to look good, I’d also like it very very much if my skin could breathe – so a lot of times that comes down to non-suffocating clothes with comfortable material. And being able to spin that with style is what I’d like to think a personal achievement :). There can be many variations to lazy chic, between lazy and chic you can try anywhere from a 60/40 to a 40/60 split. Some lazy elements in a wardrobe include: loose, cotton, pockets, uncoordinated colors, sneakers / platforms, etc.; some chic elements include: clothing sets, crop tops, hair and makeup that took time, heels, appropriate accentuation of your figure, etc. This outfit I have here has a good balance of both elements, but I’d say it sits at 60 chic and 40 lazy at first impression. 

Summer Sets

In the previous post I jotted down my enthused thoughts on wardrobe sets, and here I continue the momentum and return with a newly purchased summer set from What instantly attracted me to this ensemble were the little details – the delicate ruffles and the rope-like adjustable strings casually sitting on the top, adding both country and innocent vibes. This was also an outfit that screamed summer which Toronto simply hasn’t gotten enough of this year, so to compensate for it I embrace every opportunity to indulge myself with sunshine. To go with the look, I wore my favorite summer glasses and my star-shaped earrings to add some complimentary warm tones to the outfit with their gold accents.

Styling Capes

In my elementary school years, I recall a period when I was obsessed with Tuxedo Mask –  the handsome protagonist in the Sailor Moon series. He was known for unfailingly making heroic entrances in every episode in his black cape and saving the day. Perhaps it was since then I started fancying the idea of capes and the associated mysterious vibes. But certainly just because it looks dashing on a fictional character doesn’t mean it’ll have the same effect in real life. Then again, fast forwarding to now, capes are making a scene for themselves in the market as a popular style. While many of us admired the capes street sets, it just still looks like a cinch to pull off. Just recently I’ve taken the liberty to purchase this cape coat from to venture into the world of capes and it’s one of the best fashion decisions I’ve made in 2017. Contrary to popular beliefs, I think capes can be easily styled as there is a very fine line between the chic-of-the-chicest and throwing-stuff-on-not-knowing-what-I’m-doing, so just be confident …

Ted Baker Store

Lovelies! As I mentioned in one of my previous post Have You Met Ted?, that I would show you around their store and showcase some of their products, since I absolutely adore the brand. Below are taken at the Ted Baker local store in Toronto Eaton Centre. The store interior has such unique and sweet decors, click on the photos to see the slideshow! Ted Baker is a luxury clothing brand, it sells designer clothing and accessories for men and women. They are already a very established brand, originated in the UK. To me the style reminds me a little bit of Kate Spade, but it is also much more. “Ted Baker’s combination of classic British style and quirky detailing has won it a loyal following of fashionistas and fashionistos worldwide. As you browse through the beautifully cut designs in store, pay special attention to the details: this is a label that delights in subtle touches of embroidery and trim. Ted Baker prides itself on offering ‘twice the product for half the price’ – and the fine fabrics, tailoring …

Have you met Ted?

A couple weekends ago, I was shopping at Toronto Premium Outlet, and I found myself a new love – a brand that I absolutely adore – Ted Baker! Their style quickly reminded me of Kate Spade, but there is something about it that isn’t quite the same, and makes it more appealing to me.   I did score some lovelies while at the outlet store! Although if you haven’t really seen Ted Baker products, I’d highly recommend visiting their actual stores, they are gorgeous! I will do a separate post on Ted Baker at Toronto Eatons Centre, and show you what they are all about and why I’m so in love. This is what they call a Shopper Bag – Not your average handbags eh? Its retail price is about $50-$70, I got it on sale for $30! Girls, what are you waiting for?! It’s does not have any zipper/button and definitely can’t replace any of my purses, but It is so adorable I just want to carry it places! I currently use it to carry my lunches to …