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Effortless Chic

No matter how effortless my outfits appear, the truth is I put effort into all my looks. So how to be stylish without looking like you’re trying too hard? Here’s some thoughts – Strike an overall balance – It’s never about JUST the clothes – the hair is important, the accessories are too, and certainly don’t forget about the makeup. These are the three things I consider before I assemble any looks (Fancy, effortless, or sloppy): Fancy – all 3 elements need to be on point, the bare basics include: no-frizz hair,  wrinkle free garments, and make-up that takes at least 10 minutes to put on Effortless – you can grab your everyday casual tee and match it with some comfortable boyfriend/mom/distressed jeans or whatever’s comfortable for you. But remember, you need good hair, straight or curled. And depending on how sassy you feel on that day, you can choose how much make-up you want (the more the sassier obviously). This is so that your vibe says: I’m definitely able to take good care of …

Men’s Section?

We’ve all seen cross dressing among children, little boys dressed up in tutu dresses and little girls in tom boy caps. But just because we grow older doesn’t necessarily mean we must grow out of it 🙂 There are certainly things I appreciate about men’s fashion, such as its simplicity, masculinity and definition. This is especially the case when I am going for a “tough girl” or “street” look. For example, if you are looking for a motor jacket, you need to try the men’s section, there are just more styles there! And since they are meant to be a little baggy, a size small for men would be perfect for girls with a small/medium fit. Here I have a Tee from H&M men’s section (can you tell?), for $20. I’ve been loving this long Tee trend in men’s fashion, and I decided to personally embrace it as well, because a long Tee for men means it’s a casual & street chic T-shirt dress for me 🙂

Denim Suspenders

Yep, back with another suspenders look 🙂 (And there will be more!) I’ll try not to bore you with all these suspenders but I just love love love them! 🙂 Suspenders are from Suzy Shier, at about $50. Suzy’s stuff is stylish but the quality isn’t the best – so I’d consider this a splurge actually. The tee is from Zara, it was only around $15! Loved the simple white Tee and loved the message on it – No one is perfect! I recently wrote about not letting perfect be the enemy of good, feel free to check it out here. Isn’t this the most adorable necklace? It’s an owl on a chain! If you aren’t a style blogger you may not appreciate how hard it is to find a nice setting to shoot! Luckily there is a beach nearby my place, surrounded by interesting buildings and parks. I was thrilled to have found this little corner 🙂 The shoes are also from Suzy’s! This was on sale, under $10! If you are into comfortable shoes, these are heavenly! …