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The Timeless Dress

Maybe practicality comes with age. Working in financial services have me hording neutral basics and professional attire constantly. It hasn’t always been this way though, I never had much fashion dilemma and used to get my hands on anything that caught my eye (while still trying to be frugal, somehow). There was something great about owning unique and inspiring pieces despite not having the occasions for them. For instance, this dress right here was purchased long time back, the moment I spotted it I knew it belonged with me. But it wasn’t a justifiable purchase by any means since 1) I couldn’t pull it off as casual wear 2) there were no fancy occasions coming up and 3) it was winter time. Nevertheless, the optimist in me always felt confident that it’d eventually come in handy.

As part of my Euro trip, I thought it was the absolute perfect opportunity to pack the dress. Wearing a head turning dress and looking fabulous while carelessly roaming the romantic streets of Paris? Sign me up.









I must admit that I never got to wear some of the stuff I bought because I simply waited too long and they outgrew me, so I’m not here to encourage any bad behaviors 🙂 But definitely take chances with the timeless fashion choices. If it’s calling your name and it feels right, own it! 🙂



  1. Love it! I honestly feel a little bit like this… I almost 30 and in the past year I went into a clothing style transition. Even if I thought this will be hard, at the end I’m so happy with my choices! I think I feel myself more than ever before! Great post 😀

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